Some legal and criminal issues related to irresponsibility


  • Ana-Florentina Butcaru Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania - Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences


criminal law, self-defense, irresponsibility


This study addresses a complex issue of criminal law, bordering on psychology and criminal law. The main reason why I chose this topic for the dissertation is the importance of establishing responsibility in the context of committing an act provided by criminal law, being an essential aspect to attract the criminal liability of the individual. Committing a crime always creates an imbalance in society, which requires a "self-defense" reaction from it. Since the creation of the first forms of state organization, the task of punishing those who violated the norms of social coexistence has been taken over by the state, no longer being left to the exclusive responsibility of the injured. If at first there was no clear distinction between the forms of liability, operating a confusion between civil and criminal liability, later such a distinction was made, the state taking over only the task of prosecuting, while the prosecution remained, mainly in charge of the injured persons.



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