Communication and media in the Romanian political process (1990-2000)

  • Laura-Maria Vasilache "Ovidius" University of Constanta, Romania
Keywords: ommunication, media, Romania, democracy, transition, postcommunism.


Communication represents a basic concept of human existence accompanying each person in all aspects of his life from the beginning to the end. Regarding the political communication and the media, these are new concepts which over time have adapted political regimes requirements either democratic or not. If we want to talk about the media in the true sense of the word, this exists only in democratic societies where the right to free expression represents a guaranteed right. In this paper I tried to highlight the evolution that the media had in the first post-communist years in Romania and how this free expression had to adapt moving from a totalitarian regime to a democratic one. What is most important is the fact that in Romania, the media has managed to evolve despite all the obstacles created of the difficult transition to democracy that our country has had.