Human resource development The local public administration

  • Maria Sburlan "Ovidius" University of Constanta, Romania
  • Mari-Isabella Stan "Ovidius" University of Constanta, Romania
Keywords: public administration, specialized apparatus, human resources management, civil servant, personnel


The article tackles the example of the human resources evolution process within a local public authority between 2016-2020. By an elaborated case study, the article comes to prove the fact that the administrative instrument of a public local authority can be updated and can be conceived as a functional organizational structure, which is in a continuous transformation, capable to adapt to the social-economical environment, despite the trends of the civil society to criticize the administrative instruments as well as the budgetary system as being over-sized, inefficient, strongly beaurocratic and politicized. Approached from a structural point of view, the administration consists of a complex set of entities and clerks with public attributions, that usually tend to increase their autonomy in order to meet the community needs, specifically in the hereby study – the success of the human resources from the specialized branch of Medgidia’s Municipality City Hall by creating an institutional environment through training and educating its staff, in order to implement community projects financed with non-reimbursable funds.