The modalities of the civil legal act

  • Laurenţiu Gavrilă "Ovidius" University of Constanta, Romania
Keywords: modality, civil law, term, condition, task


The area covered by the Article is civil law. I have chosen this Article theme with the intention of trying to illustrate the characteristics of legal acts even more clearly, because it is often likely that confusion will be created between the modalities of the civil legal act on the one hand and the conditions of the civil legal act on the other. It should be borne in mind that only in the first phase is the form and effectiveness of the civil legal act, i.e. its validation. As practical implications, I illustrated in the case study that there are both legal acts that can be valid and without being affected by a way, and legal acts that can only exist affected by the modalities. It is important to understand this because the 'nuances' mentioned may lead to the validation or non-validation of the legal act in question itself.