Public consultation on COVID-19 measures taken by the Romanian Government in the health sector


  • Monica-Mădălina Badea Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania - Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences
  • Luiza-Carmen Mișacă Ovidius University of Constanta - Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences


public consultation, Covid-19, Government, health sector


After the establishment of the state of emergency on the entire territory of Romania, for a period of 30 days, the Ministry of Internal Affairs established an inter-institutional mechanism for the implementation and reporting of the measures related to the fields provided in Decree no. 195/2020. The provisions included in the decrees establishing and prolonging the state of emergency were implemented by 10 military ordinances and other normative acts issued by the Government. The resources needed to implement the measures adopted in the areas have been provided by a first budget rectification for 2020 and supplemented by the use of European funds. In the study, we aimed to analyze the social perception of the population regarding the Government's measures during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most respondents rated the Government's communication as effective in providing the information needed to protect themselves and others from Covid-19 as effective. Respondents in the medical profession and in hospitals have been shown to be most satisfied, but there are also people who have little or no confidence in how this crisis has been handled by Government and Ministries, respectively. On the other hand, when asked if the government made sure that health workers had the personal protective equipment they needed to permanently protect them from COVID-19, most respondents disagreed and strongly disagreed, respectively, and strongly disagreed. few agree or totally agree.



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