The evolution of anti-corruption regulations in Romanian criminal law


  • Dumitru Cristian Anton Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania - Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences


Corruption, Romanian criminal law, legislative evolution, improper sanctions, unitary norms


The evolution of anti-corruption legislative regulations in the Romanian criminal law, starting with the feudal era and up to date. If initially we are dealing with laws that have a predominantly religious character, with improper sanctions, approached from a deeply religious perspective or with arbitrary sanctions, over time, the nature of these regulations becomes exclusively secular, and the applicable sanctions are expressly provided by criminal law, and proportionate to the degree of social danger of the act committed. Thus, during the historical stages of evolution we observe the concretization of the fundamental principles of Romanian criminal law, the filling of the legislative vacuum on anti-corruption regulations and the creating of a legal framework that responds to the specific realities of each period and provides effective legislative levers in the fight against corruption.



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