Procedure for recognizing usufruct in old and new civil provisions


  • Alina-Valentina Pascale Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania - Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences


Real Estate Advertising, Real Estate Advertising, Land Registry, Electronic Book, Possession Law, Possession


The usufruct and the notation of the possession in the land book are the only ways to acquire the property arising from the actual possession of a building. According to the old civil code, usufruct was of two types: long usufruct and short usufruct. Over time, the two types of usufruct have been replaced by extratabular usufruct and tabular usufruct, and the moment of acquiring the property is achieved with the registration in the land book. Wanting to improve the citizen's access to justice and reduce corruption, various electronic means have been created, such as: the electronic file, but also the operations through the land book. Regarding the operations through the land book, ANCPI created a computer system of cadastre and land book called e-Terra. The access to the information is a direct one, and the legal data are available and updated in real time, everything being done in a very short and secure time.



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